Soldiers Beach Surf Life Saving Club


Mission Statement

To ensure no lives are lost while on patrol, assist members to achieve their full potential and support the community.

  • Work in conjunction with Council lifeguards to administer first aid and assist the public who use Soldiers Beach and surrounding areas;
  • Study and train in the methods of life saving and first aid;
  • Educate and instruct all members in the elements of surf safety and awareness;
  • Provide efficient life saving and first aid equipment to support the club’s objectives;
  • Provide members of the Club with opportunities to improve their ability to engage in SLSCC, SLSNSW,  and SLSA competitions;
  • Have a Youth Program designed to encourage junior activity members and their families to remain actively involved with the Club;
  • Operate in an environment where at all times the safety of children is paramount;
  • Assist the local council in improving the facilities for the community;
  • Provide all members of the club with equipment and facilities to support their involvement with club activities;
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for all club members and users of the club facility;
  • Adopt best practice in the administration, financial and general operations of the club;
  • Have a one club approach to all activities;
  • Participate as a member of SLSCC, SLSNSW and SLSA.
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of all aspects of the club and has wide ranging operational, financial and management powers to undertake this task.

The Executive Committee elected at the Clubs AGM 2021 held on the 1st of August 2021 is;



PresidentPhilip Walls
Deputy PresidentLara McIntyre
Director of AdministrationEllen Van Wessell
Director of FinanceCraig Andrews
Director of LifesavingShana Doughney
Director of Lifesaving EducationLara McIntyre
Director of Surf SportsTBA
Director of Youth ActivitiesJodie Freeman
Assistant Director of LifesavingAlex Coppen
Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings are to be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm Online – Please refer to the Members Portal for the Google Meeting link to access our monthly committee meetings online. You will be asked to verify your name and/or membership.
Thanks, the SBSLSC Committee.

Club Constitution & Annual Reports

The Clubs’ 2021 AGM Annual Report including Financials is available to download below.

The Club currently adheres to its 2004 Constitution which can be downloaded below.